Wood Playhouses

No matter how much you want to spend, what size of wood playhouses you are looking for and what type of play your children enjoy, you are sure to find just exactly the right wood playhouses for your needs and for what your kids want right here. You can check out the entire range at PlayHouses or click on any of the links below to go straight through to the site for more details. Meanwhile here are a representative sample of some of the most popular wood playhouses available. Kidcraft Outdoor Playhouse Cheap and cheerful, nonetheless your kids will adore this robust playhouse from Kidcraft. An attractive feature for your family’s backyard.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cape Cod Wood Playhouse Precut and ready to assemble, the cape code playhouse comes in 2 sizes to suit your family’s requirements. A truly charming and very popular choice.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Log Cabin Cedar Playhouse Let the kids play at being pioneers in the great outdoors. A sweet little cottage with shingled roof and covered front porch for hours of imaginative and creative playtime.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Little Cottage Victorian Wood Playhouse What a little cutie! Fond memories are waiting to be made right here. An elegant and whimsical playhouse for your childrens’ absolute pleasure.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Little Cottage Gingerbread Wood Playhouse Check out the delightful window flowerboxes that set off this fairytale playhouse to perfection. Not to mention to gorgeous gingerbread style trims. Find out more by clicking on the image or the details button below.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Daniels Wood Land Original Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse Now for something completely different! A magical adventure land playhouse set atop its own real hollowed out log. Includes swing and porch and available in several options. This one is a winner with kids and adults alike.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Haven’t seen just exactly what you’re looking for? Go ahead and check out the full range of wood playhouses (and an exhaustive selection of playhouses from canvas, nylon plastic and even cardboard as well) at PlayHouses. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Head on over to Playhouses right now and see for yourself.

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Playhouses for kids

Here is a sample of our fantastic range of playhouses for kids. Depending on your needs, you may wish to check out Outdoor Playhouses or Indoor Playhouses. Click on any image or details link to see the playhouse for kids range available at PlayHouses.


Daniels Wood Land Original Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse

Something completely different! A magical adventure land playhouse set atop its own real hollowed out log. Includes swing and porch and available in several options. This one is a winner with kids and adults alike.


Indoor Cardboard Playhouses

Your kids can do their own creative decorating with a sturdy and easily movable cardboard playhouse for indoor use.


Canvas Playhouse

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, canvas playhouses are light and transportable. Let your kids make some serious camping expeditions without leaving the comforts of home.


Nylon Playhouses

Lightweight, durable and suited to both the great outdoors and the more comfortable indoors, nylon playhouses will last the distance with your kids.


Plastic Outdoor Playhouses

Easy to clean and withstanding all types of weather, plastic playhouses come in exciting designs to fire your child’s imagination for creative play.


Indoor Fabric Playhouses

Magical mushrooms, fairy huts, circus tents and more. You’ll find the range of colorful indoor fabric playhouses simply irresistible.


Outdoor Wood Playhouses

Weatherproof and sturdy and just like a home away from home for your little ones to let their imaginations run riot, you’ll find an outdoor wooden playhouse to suit your family’s needs right here.


Playhouse Kits

Expand your child’s creativity and encourage them to have fun in your backyard. Playhouse kits are less expensive and have lower shipping costs than ready made playhouses. Playhouse kits are customizable. Build in a few options and paint to the colors your child really likes, maybe even make the playhouse a little replica of your own home.

Here is a small sample of the range of kits available at PlayHouses.

Cape Cod Wood Playhouse Kit

Made in the USA, this playhouse is safe and sturdy. 6W x 4D x 6H. There is a child sized dutch door to the front and an adult sized door to the side for ease of access.


Little Cottage Firehouse Wood Playhouse Kit

At 10W x 8D x 8H, this fantastic mini firehouse boasts a wording window, firebell and signs. Hours of creative and active play for your child.


Schoolhouse Playhouse

This great little schoolhouse has pre cut parts for easy assembly. It measures 10W x 8D x10H and has a cosy old world charm.


Victorian Mansion Playhouse

Parts are pre cut and paneled for ease of assembly. there are 17 working windows and 8 flower boxes in this 16W x 8D x 10H Victorian Mansion for your little princess.


Girls playhouse

A girls playhouse gives your girls hours of fun in a fabulous pretend world. Whether you opt for an indoor girls playhouse or a more sturdy and substantial outdoor playhouse construction, your girls and their friends will absolutely adore the playhouse selection at PlayHouses.

Here is a small sample of the range available at PlayHouses.

My Very Own House Cardboard Playhouse

A really affordable and fun playhouse giving your children the chance to tap into their creative spirits and decorate the sturdy cardboard frame in whatever way they like.


My Little Princess Fabric Playhouse

Designed for indoor use, this bright and cheery fabric playhouse comes with a carry bag so moving home to a new location is no problem for the kids.


My Little Butterfly Fabric Playhouse

Quickly erected and ready for adventurous fun, the little butterfly playhouse is an excellent choice for an indoor playhouse for girls.


Plastic Dollhouse Playhouse

2 houses that join together or can stand separately. Lots of little treats in this dollhouse and playhouse combination will keep little girls happily amused for hours.


Kidcraft Pastel Table and Chair Set

Every playhouse needs a few props to set the atmosphere right. Check out this gorgeous child sized table and chairs set, perfect for the most important of tea parties.


Little Cottage Victorian Outdoor Wood Playhouse

Too cute for words. A playhouse to be proud of for any little girl to show off to all her best of friends. Dreams are made right here.